Company Info

Strength in Peace! ®


Irrix Screen, a graphic artist, founded  D.U.O GEAR® in 2011. As an accomplished artist, he had already completed projects for clients such as The Wu Tang Clan & Red Dragon Music.  Irrix has always had a very unique artistic view, which has helped him stand apart from the others. With a love for the abstract, he has gained the attention and respect  of everyone who has had the opportunity to see his creations. The accolades kept coming, along with requests for his designs on shirts, jackets and hats. As anyone would, he started to notice that fate had opened a door to him that could not be ignored. 

The economy of 2011 was turbulent, and ended up shaking the country to it's core. Irrix was not immune to this, as he was laid off from work during the fall of that year. Without any hesitation, pain turned to pleasure, despair turned to drive and  D.U.O GEAR® was born out of that desire. A second coming to the original D.U.O ideology from 1999, he had an epiphany. This revelation was rooted in the idea that  D.U.O GEAR® should stand for the people. Not for those who want to try to impress everyone, turn the heads of the opposite sex, and let their ego's run wild. It was, and still is, about staying true to your core. It's about bathing in the greatness that is you, and letting the words of the neigh sayers fall to the side like water off the side of a cliff. It's about being at one with the world, and more importantly, yourself. 

That's why  D.U.O GEAR®'s slogan is: Strength in Peace!®