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LT.LUX  Bio:     LT.LUX The city of Phoenix, AZ has unlocked a new hip-hop representative to the mass genre. “Lt. Lux”/ZONA LUX is at your service”. The San Diego native migrated to “The Pho”, as he calls it, at the age of 4, and matured to rep AZ as his domain. His community spirit drives his plans for a new era of mainstream hip-hop. Lux is entering the rap world with his arms full of talent, and he’s anxious to release them on the microphone and on the stage. He’s “backing phoenix 100% and fighting for leadership.” Lux began to involve himself with music as a b-boy in a hip-hop dance crew at the age of 15. Along side his skills on the floor, he spent a lot of time at the school lunch table and various parties with a careless hunger for fellow cyfer M. C.’s. He finally stepped up to the plate, mid-July of 2008, to attempt a career in music after being brought in as a business partner of AMACULUX MUSIC GROUP& DESERT ENTERTAINMENT ALLSTARS(D. E. A.) At the same time he was invited by phoenix locals “Purchase” & “Tone-B” to help build an empire of rap artist throughout the Maricopa area. With the support from his peers and family, Lux became a leader to many and a friend to the others of the industry. He’s bringing the party back to entertainment and enlightenment