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Chino Lopez (AKA) Action Leader of the NYC Breakers Bio: The NYC Breakers started their careers' with a splash, appearing, not days after signing with Holman, on the nationally televised Merv Griffin Show. Soon after, the NYCBs began appearing on everything from "Soul Train," "Ripley's "Believe It or Not," "P.M. Magazine," "CBS Evening News," "Good Morning America," "Amnesty International Gala," "That's Incredible," Glady's Knights and the Pip's music video and "NBC's Salute To The Olympics" just to name a few. "Beat Street," "The Freshest Kids," and "Sixteen Candles" are some of the note worthy feature films they appeared in as well. During their four year run, The New York City Breakers toured the world and performed for Presidents and royalty (England's Price Andrew and the King and Queen of Norway). As one of the first Hip Hop/B-Boy crews, they helped spread Hip Hop around the globe, and will always be remembered as crucial pioneers of Hip Hop Culture.