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Vigorous Bio:

Hip hop has many options, but Vigorous is the ultimate pick of the litter. With a history in music that dates back before his existence, his understanding of sounds and melodies makes him unique. Vigorous knows there are other options and this humbles his ego, and instead offers  more with his music for fans to enjoy since they contribute the most to his success.

Vigorous has an approach that becomes incentive for anyone working with him. “Details are an important part of any work you are committed too” says the rapper. He makes a point to outline his agenda before he approaches it, because “if you know your plan, you have to understand the mechanics on working it.” Vigorous leaves very little details uncovered. Learning from artist like Michael Jackson, he knows your idea has to be three dimensional.

Artist that have inspired Vigorous range from pop music to rock and roll. Artist like Michael Jackson, All American Rejects, Usher, Alien Ant Farm, Jay-z and Master P have all influenced him. He acknowledges their hunger to succeed and drive to make their brand household.

Vigorous seeks different paths to separate him from the normal dreams. A student in University of Phoenix, Vigorous is taking accounting and wants a more serious role in the music business, CFO. He wants to create a corporation that owns branch business in accounting, tax, music, fashion, and financial management. He’s limitless, soon we’ll see.