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Red DRAGON Bio:  

It was 2007, just outside of Atlanta, when drag was sitting in the control room of the studio he had been engineering at. Trillville had just left after recording,and the studio was quiet as the grave. He threw on a loop of a Dr. Dre track and started writing the lyrics to 'Let's Go', which he reworked for his debut album. For years, he had been an engineer, and helped produce other people's work. It was that night that Drag was born out of the mind of J Scott. 

Born in Kansas City, and having lived all over the continental US, the experiences that he had acquired over the first 24 years of his life culminated into a hell of a combination. Southern slang, west coast swag, and Midwest sensibility meshed together into the monster. Not a fan of using the beats of others, he created his own sound, heavy laden with 808s and synths. Influenced by old school Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno and Dub Step, his style was definitely unorthodox. 

Fast forward to 2010, he was now back in the south west, and releasing 'Off The Hard Drive'. He had already worked with artists like Schizo (from Las Vegas), Draw Down (from Pomona, CA) & was introduced to Rowland Dixon (A&R from DTP). So the stage is set, the mics are on, and now there is nothing left to do, except let him do his thing.

The world is waiting.